Bohemian Girl (1936)

Produced by Hal Roach
Directed by James Horne and Charles Rogers
Based on the opera by Michael W Balfe

Featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Jacqueline Wells, Mae Busch, Antonio Moreno, James Finlayson, Zeffie Tilbury, William P. Carlton and Darla Hood


A gypsy band arrives at the estate of Count Arnheim. Among them are Stan and Ollie, pickpockets by profession. The faithless Mrs. Hardy has taken a lover, who is arrested by Arnheim’s guards and flogged. The vengeful Mrs. Hardy kidnaps the Count’s young daughter, Arline who is left with Stan and Ollie when Mrs. Hardy departs with her lover. Twelve years later, the gypsies return and Arline strays towards the castle...