Swiss Miss (1938)

Produced by Hal Roach
Directed by John G. Blystone

Featuring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Della Lind, Walter Woolf King, Eric Blore, Ludovico Tomarchio, Adia Kutznetzoff


Mousetrap salesmen Stan and Ollie visit Switzerland, believing the country's large cheese output will attract a corresponding number of mice. After being persuaded to sell their entire business for worthless currency, they are forced to work in order to pay off their bill at a hotel. Among the guests is a composer seeking isolation from his opera-star wife, whom he believes will distract him; she arrives at the hotel, takes a job as chambermaid and soon captures the heart of Oliver Hardy...


SWISS MISS is often rumoured to have been made in colour but was never released in that form; this new computer-colour edition provides some idea of how it might have looked. The colour process adds greatly to the film's picturesque location and costumes.