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March, 25th 2009

Dear Dick,

The boys' films should be seen alot more on tv.
Until recently,TCM had been screening L&H films on their cable tv network.

The heads of Turner Classic Movies had slowed down the screenings of the films to simply showing ocasstionally..
"Sons Of The Desert" and "Way Out West".

Stan And Babe's other features and their shorts have been removed from Turner's programming.
The users of The L&H Website should contact TCM to ask that they revive their screenings of the entire L&H films from The Hal Roach Years and the one film comedy that they did for Mr.Boris Morros and for RKO/Radio Studios "The FlyingDeuces".

This way the devoted fans of the boys' will get to see them alot more and today's kids will be exposed to L&H's comedy.

Today's kids are watching humor that is angry,vulgar and over rated.

There are no real family oriented films that parents and their kids can watch and enjoy without the kids being exposed to violent and unsavory ellenents.

They should watch classic comedies of the
Just as A&C and "The Three Stooges" films should be revived for today's audiences:You and old.
L&H's films should be revived along with the films of Bud and Lou,Moe,Larry,Curly,Shemp,Joe Besser and "Curly Joe"De Rita.

Thank For bringing back The L&H Website,

Yours Truly,
Kevin S.Butler. (Orlando,Fl.)


March, 22nd 2009

I Think Laurel & Hardy were One of the Most Famous Men Ever
May they R-I-P Allways in My Thoughts
RJ {Northern Ireland} March 2009.


March, 21st 2009

laurel and Hardy the best ever x

gill stevens (liverpool, England)


March, 20th 2009

ive got a pencil drawing of laurel and hardy standing either side of a donkey signd gregory cant find any information on this or value can anyone help

steve beer (england)


March, 19th 2009

Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy are my idols. I look upon them with great respect and admiration. In fact, my friend and I like to do an impression of the comedy duo from their movie, "Men O War". Everyone loves it, and we've introduced a lot people to L&H. Thank you for this great website! I'm recommending it to all of my friends!

Brooke (USA)


March, 18th 2009

I recall seeing a L&H short where Hardy's wife is yelling at him. Laurel then turns on a radio which is playing music & Hardy's wife is now scolding him in time with the music. This was indeed the world's first rap video thus proving that white folks actually invented rap.

Sam Rackham (USA)


March, 16th 2009

L&H make me laugh the best short film i like is BRATS its so funny how they make a smaller version of the two so thank you for the site and i will be watching them all the time they are stil the best actor commedians god bless L&H sleep well my friends

chris brown (England/Nottingham)


March, 15th 2009

great new web site you guys well done.looking forward to visiting the new museum this year (2009)and takeing a look at the new statue of the boys.keep up the great work you all do many thanks for a great service you provide.

scotty (England Manchester)

I have been a fan since I was a child. One of my prized possions which I still have of course is an autographed photo from Stan when he was in the hospital in 1964. Was, is and always will be funny!

Kevin Sullivan (Westmont N.J. USA)


March, 10th 2009

I am Big fan ...i like Laurel&Hardy is very fanny i have a colection movie whit them on DVD 150 movie..but not all..Kings of comedy...Never forget them...everytime i wath the movie whit hims makes me happy and i laugh....

Dragomir Claudiu (Romania- Bucharest)


March, 8th 2009

I remember watching VHS tapes over and over again of their movies and shorts as a kid. They knew how to make people laugh!
Are there any plans at all to re-release their works? I have been able to find some movies on DVD, but no shorts. Anyone know how or where to get them?

Paul (USA)

First great site guys, I need a name for a short film when they are working in a saw mill and Stan tries shaving the paint brush that is stuck to Ollies chin, Hillarious!!!!

John (Bristol, England)

John - the name of the film is BUSY BODIES.


March, 7th 2009

It is wonderful to see that there is a website for Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. A pity that these two greatest artists/actors never knew about Internet and websites during their lifetime.
The design of this website is fine, my congratulations.

Sven Littkowski - Berlin (Germany), now Kingston (Jamaica)


March, 5th 2009

I have been trying to find a photograph of L&H when they are dressed as women. Does anyone have any idea what film this could be from and where I could obtain a copy.

Peter O'Callaghan (England, Liverpool)

You are probably thinking of TWICE TWO in which they play each others wives. Photographs are available on the L&H Forum.

Ross Owen


March, 4th 2009

I have always loved Laurel and Hardy. I've introduced my grown son to them, and his laughter has reminded me why I liked them so much. I remember a scene where a kitchen (?) explodes (not Helpmates) and I believe Stanley is sitting in the living room. All the furniture in the room leaps into the air. But I can\'t seem to find which movie it is. Any ideas?

Thanks, Al Garcia (USA - Austin, TX)



March, 2nd 2009

i think laurel and hary are the bestest actors ever. they work really well together. they are so funny

sana (london)

When I was a kid they had Laurel&Hardy Pizzas.. They were small individual pizzas.. Anyone know who made them?

David (USA)


February 2009