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May, 29th 2009

My friend always has a bbq, and he sends out questions to answer :) This year, there is one about Laurel and Hardy. Sorry to say, I don't know the answer :( The question is- When he got Laurel ticked off, Hardy was a ____ ____. If anyone knows the answer, it would be most helpful to me. Please e-amil me at Thank you very much :)


Does anyone have a picture or design off the PEEWEE stick game that Stan played in the Wooden Soldietrs movie. Is there a sight with some info? Thank John R,

john reiter (Bloomington, Minnesota)


May, 21st 2009

I am pleased to announce that the boys are generously featured in my new book, "Classic Comedy Teams: A Screenshots Book." For more information, go to my blog at

Greg Lenburg (United States)


May, 14th 2009

does any of you know where i can find the l&h theme tune on the piano. my dad is their BIGGEST fan and would love it if he could play it! l&h keeps us laughing 4 hours on end!

jessie (bristol, uk)

Jessie, I'm a musician and composer, and if you'd like to send me an address I'd be happy to write out the Cuckoo Theme in a quite legible version and send it to you. The tune is really two themes being played at the same time in two separate "keys," but somehow when they're played together...well, you know. I'm at Mike.


May, 11th 2009

Does anyone know which short or film has the gag Model T that falls apart when Stan removes a horseshoe, and goes back together when it is thrown back into the pile of parts? Thanks!

Bob Bishop (Clio, Mi.)


May, 9th 2009

Dear Stan and Ollie! Even though you guys are gone long time your immortal legend will shine on forever! You made me laugh when I was a kid and still u bright up my dark days today now I am older - watching a film of yours and laughing after two minutes max. til the end - that is never been reached by any so called comedian again - you Stan and Ollie will always be Number One in my heart! Thank you for all the fun! I will always love you!

Thorsten (Germany / Hamburg)


May, 3rd 2009

I have a stock prospectus of Hal Roach Studios when the studio tried to raise money to operate again as a film company. The prospectus is what a company has to issue to investores to raise capital in order to go public on the US stock exchanges. There are various pictures of the Raoch films in the prospectus which include shots of Laurel & Hardy. This documnet is almost impossible to find. My father gave it to me when I was just 9 years old. If interested please e-mail me with your best offer price at

Bob Gedeon (USA/Murrieta, CA)


May, 2nd 2009

I have most of their shorts and films they did on DVD and cant stop watching and laughing with my 6 year old niece at their comic brilliance.
I think they were the only comic acts to succeed from silence to talkies which shows how really good they were.
They were the mould for comic entertainers; others that followed were copies of them. The Comics that came after them all copied them and you just have to see how true that is from the fact that new generation of fans continue to watch them. Their comic genius will be loved for hundreds of years. Laugh forever and ever.

Vincent (Melbourne, Australia)


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