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September, 29th 2009

I am stunned by just how much love they created and left behind for us.

Mays Baird, son of TV inventor (Sleaford England)


September, 23rd 2009

please could anyone tell me the film laurel and hardy were in about a haunted house my dad would love this but i dont know the name thanks.

sharon (england)

sharon i think the one you are thinking of is the laurel & hardy murder case volume 6 in the dvd collection hope this helps mark

mark parnaby (teesside)

I recently acquired a set of L&H toby type mugs. They were not proffesionaly made but look it. I found that Stan's eyes were blue as depicted on his mug but can't find Olie's color. They are shown as brown. Can anyne help?

John (USA/Bernalillo, NM)


September, 7th 2009

hi there, can anyone tell me the episode where Stan and Ollie are renovating a house and in one part Stan walks across the front holding the front end of a ladder and appears moments later also holding the tail end of the same ladder?.. For anyone wanting good quality DVD's try ASDA and Mataland in the UK both have a set which when complete display the 2 bowler hats on the spines.

Mark Watt (Grantham, UK)

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