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December, 30th 2009

Hi everyone i have a model t just like the one in the films and we go around show dressed as laurel & hardy we are available for all events anything fro birthday to just turn up as a surprise for some one.

if your would like to cotact me you can email or tel 07941 138041 / 01843 841339

Thanks for looking
Melvyn Walker (England / Kent)


December, 28th 2009

i have the entire Laurel and hardy film collection,In what film is the Line somthing like this. "when i nod my head, you hit it"?

Rob Connolly (uk)


December, 27th 2009

Im looking for a box set that has the best quality ans all the films, can some one please give me info on which to get, I started getting them from Britannia music club a long time ago but they went bump, they had the Hal Roach signiture in the bottom left corner, i have seen a few box sets but they look quite shabby,

carl (uk)

not sure what ye mean, i think the once i have seen are made by universal not sure, the videos i have have about 3 films on each video,

carl bate (uk)

I have purchased a number of items at auction and one of the items is 8mm movie entitled "Frantic Fisherman" starring Stan Laurel. It is a A Mountain Home Movie. T94, B/W 50ft, 8mm. It seems to be in perfect condition, but I have been unable to find out anything about this film. I was hoping that someone would perhaps be able to help me with this.

Paul Kingston (Basingstoke UK)


December, 26th 2009

The first memories I have of Laurel& Hardy are of watching Saturday morning showings of not only movies, but sometimes shortened versions of their works on network TV.
I grew up in LA, Ca. & if memory serves me, the channel I watched was KTLA 5.
Their sweetness & innocence was apparent to me even as a child and I've searched for copies of their work since the video era began. I'm pleased to find this web site. Thank you.

Patricia Morris (USA/Fontana,Ca)

In which film does Stan have an apple stuck in his mouth?

Keith Connors (England)

i thought i had all laurel and hardys films, shorts and silents, but i saw at the beginning of the dvd's, where they run through clips of various L&H works, a clip of the duo in their T model car and there appeared to be a christmas tree or similar in the back of the vehicle, does anyone know what this is from please? ive been through all my dvds and i cant see it.

Julie Hinson (peterborough)


December, 23rd 2009

Hello everyone, I have to do a Eulogy for my father and he loved Laurel and Hardy, could anyone tell me if there is something I could say to include at my fathers service?
many thanks

Pam (London)

HI: Finally have found some L&H on DVD;Bonnie Scotland and Sons of the Desert...been trying to find out:
Who is the singer/dancer in Sons of the Dsert who signs/dances to Hallelu Lu Baby…Where did you get those eyes? What is his story? Always wondered. Thanx, Steve

Stephen Von Martz (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA)


December, 21st 2009

I would like to make you aware of the establishment of the new "Any Old Port Tent, Oasis #288, in Port Huron, Michigan 48060. (Established November 28, 2009).

Gatherings will take place here at my gallery, the first gathering of which will be made known soon after the holidays.

Jim Clary
Cap'n Jim's Gallery
Any Old Port Tent
211 Huron Ave.
Port Huron, MI 48060


December, 18th 2009

Does anyone know the name of the film in which L & H played each others wives?

Judy (St. Paul, MN)

The movie in which Stan & Ollie were portrayed as each other's wives' was Twice Two.

Jim Clary (Port Huron, MI 48060 The new Any Old Port Tent)


December, 17th 2009

Hi Dick---
Just read your article and loved it. It certainly whets my appetite to visit one of those old movie houses. The first movie I ever saw in a movie house was in 1956 (DANCE WITH ME, HENRY with Abbott & Costello). It was at the old Rialto on East Main Street, which was demolished in 1959. Incidentally, a number of years ago, Bill Everson gave Sue and I two tickets for a special screening of the MGM silent, THE WIND, at Radio City Music Hall. The film was newly restored, shown in 35mm and introduced by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill AND Lillian Gish. The live musical accompaniment was provided by the New York Philharmonic and it was a terrific score with wind machines and everything. As we left the theatre after the performance, Sue turned to me and said that "this was the best presentation of a movie I have ever seen in my life!" It was! You're absolutely right when you say that these films should be shown as they were meant to be seen, in a darkened movie theatre on a huge screen. I wish I had the capital to finance a revival house. "Dream on, Macbeth."

Lou (Stamford, CT/USA)


December, 15th 2009

Hi There
My father is looking for a Laurel and Hardy film but cannot remember the name of it! All he can tell me is that it involves the two fellas finding a lost wallet and even though they were hard up for cash they decided to hand it in but it turns out to be a policemans (i think!!)

Angela Cullimore (England)

Although the story goes a little different than you remember, I believe it's Below zero.

Lun Camaj


December, 15th 2009

Laurel and Hardy are funny as laurel and hardy lol but though they are helarious

Sam (Newport S Wales)


December, 14th 2009

I saw a watercolor picture of Stan Laurel looking like Emmet the Clown in my Aunt's home many years ago. Were there Paint by Number pictures such as this? Or could have been painted by someone Stan Laurel knew? She lived in Chicago, Illinois. Not sure how she got the painting but it was on her wall.

Wayne (Milwaukee, WI)


December, 12th 2009

i rember watching laurel&hardy for the first time when i was 5years old thats 37years ago bbc2 was the only station we could watch them they used to show 2 shorts every evening in winter time at xmas time they would show feature films sadley that dose not happen anymore however i have 2 boys age 5 and 9 and they cant get enough of them thank god for laurel&hardy

joe (ireland/waterford)


December, 11th 2009

Does anyone know where i can get l&h figurines in kilts.

Craig minto (Edinburgh Scotland)


December, 10th 2009

I Belive The First Time I Watched Laurel And Hardy Is With My dad When I Reeal Young Id Say 7ish Maby 10. My Uncle Had a Vew VHS's My Dad Threw Them In And They Were An Instant Classic. I Had a Membership With Columbia House Online Video Store And Got a Vew DVDs. I Watched Them All The Time Until they Got Lost While Moving. They Had Some Wonderful Photos Of Areas Before And After Like The Stairs Music Box Was Filmed At There Was a Before From 1932 And a More Recent In 2000 Or Something. The Boys Have Always Been My Laughter Medican

Greg Lathrop (USA/NH/Manchester)


December, 4th 2009

Hi. Anyone know where I can find Laurel and Hardy pajama's or possibly men's lounge pants? (I've only seen them in 3 stooges). If you can direct me to any website, that would be great. thanks!

Cynthia (Brooklyn, NY)


December, 3rd 2009

One of my fave movies is Bonnie Scotland, but I can't seem to find any where on dvd for region 2!! Can anyone help??

Lisa McCann (UK)


December, 2nd 2009

I remember being a young boy watching these guys in the early 80's. My grandfather liked watching them and it sort of rubbed off onto me. I am thinking about buying the DVD box set collection. Watching this show reminds me of my grandparents, and I would imagine the show reminded them of their own parent’s years ago.

Tom Russell (Somerset United Kingdom)

Which short has Stan trying to light a stove? When he lights the stove on the left, the right one ignites. When he attempts to light the stove on the right, the left one ignites. He then tries lighting the stove in the center and blows up the kitchen sending Stan screaming through the roof.

james jones (los angeles, CA USA)


December, 1st 2009

Recently one night I was watching a movie, maybe a short, about Oliver accidentally putting on one of Stan's boots and unable to get it off...even with the help of Stan.The skit went on for quite a spell and had me howling with laughter! I thought no one in comedy today could have the courage nor skill to pull that one off...It kills me that I can't remember or find that footage,I would be deeply grateful if someone here could assist me...

Joe (New York, N.Y.)

hi joe from [new york.n.y.] be big is the short film you cant remember i would advise you to buy laurel&hardy the collection it would be the best money you will ever spend ask any laurel&hardy fan who has bought it

joe (ireland/waterford city)

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