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March, 31st 2010



Hi can someone help me , i've seen many films with L&H , but i wanna watch all of 'em! how can i find a list with all the films of L&H ??PLS Help... thank you
L&H r the BEST!!!



March, 28th 2010

Can somebody help me ? i search a list with the name of L&H in all the world (in italy: Stanlio e Ollio; in Spain El Gordo y el Flaco;.....) and , overall; In Philippines....THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Gino Romano (Italy)


March, 26th 2010

I've been a fan of Stan and Babe since I was very young.I am very happy to have some films on DVD.After reading the March 13 question from Nick in Auckland,New Zealand i picked up my copy of the big picture book Laurel & Hardy by Mccabe,Kilgore and Bann and had a look.The silent short he's talking aboutsounds like The Finishinng Touch.It's possible his grandfather had it under a different title as sometimes films/videos were released under different titles by various companies or in countries.

John Murray (Meriden,Connecticut,USA)


March, 23rd 2010

can one of you in,most educated in all things laurel and hardy.PLEASE let me know ,what film is the infanous "arse kicking"scene?
please help,i want to spread the word about original slapstick,and very funny comedy on my facebook page,cos these two helped me out of a very dark period and i just want to spread the laughter. thankyou L&H friends..

gavin wright (sheffield England)

i love laurel and hardy its well funny i like the twins eposode

oliver smith (worcester)


March, 16th 2010

Where can a fan find quality DVDs of such films as Our Relations and Pardon Us ?

Doug (?)


March, 15th 2010

I am a film fan who is seriously commited to preserving these films for future generations. HOWEVER, save for TCM, there are no cable stations willing to show these classics in their original, uncut, uncolorized form. AMC(which to me stands for assorted mutilated crap)used to run them, but, would you trust a channel that has chopped up The Three Stooges with commercials? To do so to the boys would a act of betrayal that is unforgiveable. If anybody has any sway with your local PBS station, maybe they could run them, if for now other reason to keep the magic and joy these films bring to us alive.

Charlie (Lake Worth, Florida, USA)


March, 13th 2010

Does anyone know of a L&H silent short called "Chippie Chumps", in which they played incompetent carpenters building a house? I am sure my grandfather had a copy of this and it starred Laurel And Hardy but I can't find any reference to it. Maybe it had a different name?

Keith Sharp (Auckland, New Zealand)


March, 12th 2010

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are still the best. True comedy uses fewer words. That they do and we are happy. If you understand this... you cry. God I have to watch! What we have left we love them.

Liviu197 (Galati - Romania - Euope - Terra)


March, 3rd 2010

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
We will rent/purchase the movie. Do you know what HRF20 would mean on the lower right hand corner of the poster of L&H from the Swiss Miss (1938) movie?

John Nevara (San Diego, CA)

Dear John,
 That is the key code number: Hal Roach Feature #20.
Regards, Richard


March, 2nd 2010

Which Laurel & Hardy movie did they wear lederhosen? We have vintage posters of quite young Laurel & Hardy in lederhosen with HRF20 in the lower right hand corner. What date would this be?

John Nevara (San Diego, CA)

Dear John, answer: SWISS MISS (1938).
Regards, Richard


March, 1st 2010

I saw this short clip of L&H when I was a kid on Comedy Classics. Laurel and Hardy were sitting at a bar with two women. Hardy had instructed Laurel, when it came time to order their drinks, after everyone else ordered "sody" he was to order water, but over and over again even after Hardy repeatedly hit him, scolded him, and instructed him; he kept ordering what everyone else ordered..."sody". Where can I find this?

Dan Hubbard (USA Detroit)

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