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May, 30h 2010

stan and ollie were masters of comedy they will never be fogotten.

Stephen O (Great Britain)


May, 28th 2010

I am proud.I'm his great-granddaughter.
This webpage it's very proud for great-grandfather Stan Laurel and of uncle Hardy

Stephanie Jefferson Laurel (Santa Maria,California)


May, 21st 2010

Hi, love Laurel and Hardy and my grandfather's aunt was Stan Laurel's nurse up until his death. Masters of Comedy !

M (Scotland, United Kingdom)

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Steven Mercer (Liverpool)


May, 20th 2010

My first movie i watch with my father at the age of 9 in 1979.
Which was of laurel & hardy and i am very found of watch his movies till now .Very good performance of both of them.

Chandra vir (India)


May, 18th 2010

did stan win an academy award?

davide (usa)


May, 16th 2010

hello ,i recently spoke to norman wisdom here on the sle of man,, he speaks fondly of his friend stan and ollie, and still remembers their stage apperance in 1954 , together and send his best wishes to louis, fond memories indeed.

donald mc colgan


May, 14th 2010

They are the best ever.
Just the face of these two making me laugh.

Bert (Belgium)


May, 13th 2010

Looking for the film, or short that has Laurel and Hardy playing babies. Can you help tell me the name. We have only seen it once. We think they were in a crib.

kfidd (Clear Lake)

The Laurel & Hardy short film you are looking for is BRATS. Stan and Ollie play both themselves, and their own sons.

Regards, Nadine


May, 11th 2010

I just wrote an essay about Laurel and Hardy for the new issue of Bright Lights Film Journal and wanted to share it with you:

Love your site,
Dan Callahan

Hi there, I am looking to get hold of an picture of Laurel and Hardy where Laurel lights his thumb and Hardy looks quite surprised. Can you help me?

michael (walsall,uk)


May, 11th 2010

I'm looking for help with a quote, a friend of mine once told me but alas I cannot remember. It's probably from a bill board or shop from one of the films, all I know is that it begins 'Purveyors of flatfish ....' and something to do with 'shoes' in it. I know this is a little sparse and a long shot but if there is someone outthere who can fill in the gap, I'll be extemely grateful. Thank you.

Stuart (United Kingdom)


May, 8th 2010

hello,i am a fan i watch it everyday! I luv watching bloch heads! And i like watching the half hour ones therhills and also brats, way out west!

heidi manning (england)


May, 7th 2010

where is the festival in Georgia held ? Dates? Contact person.

tony rubino (Tampa,Florida)


May, 5th 2010

hi there im a very very big fan of laurel and hardy ive got all the films and i just love watching them over and over again i have been brought up on all the films they made and i wished they was still alive cause it would have been an honour to meet the two funniest people in the world.they will alaways be remembered
from a very big fan

paul (sheffield)


May, 2nd 2010

They will always be part of my childhood memories. THE BEST !

Chris Thrower (UK)


April, 25th 2010

They were the best

Harold (US)

love u L&H, i have got the whole ultimate collection of yours... but i have a regret in my life i wanted to meet u guys & i believe u are reading this HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS i love you very much ......

Kushal (India)

i want to see hats off

Kostas (Greece)

We would all like to see HATS OFF. Any idea how we can do that? If so, please do advise. The rest of us have run out of places to look for this lost film.


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