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September, 27th 2010

Hi! I recently got hold of the(almost) complete collection of their films, either on original language or spoken in spanish by themselves,of course (I hate dubbing).For me, it is quite impossible watch their films without crying. Im now 62 and they remind me when I was a little boy. I have only one word to describe their ´´performances¨¨ GREAT!!!!!!

jose maria romero (barcelona/spain)


September, 24th 2010

I thought you mooks might get a kick out of this Laurel and Hardy drawing I did. Enjoy!

Bobby Timony (Brooklyn, NY)


September, 21st 2010

Hi there,
Having a problem I'm, hoping you can help with. I am doing a project on Laurel and Hardy and have hit a dead end. I have managed to find pictures and placings for both the boys stars' on the hollywood walk of fame but no dates of when they were placed there and by who. To be honest I don't know how the whole thing works. Wondered if anyone had any info into this?
I would appreiciate any help with other info too, and maybe a email with the story about anyone who may have met them or seen them ie: where, when, how old you were? That sort of thing. I'll make sure you all get a mention in my project work. Bless you all and thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer. My only regret in life is being to young to have seen them in real life myself...xx

Lorna Hughes (England / Loughborough)


September, 20th 2010

My girl,kit,watched a film years ago where the duo were in the army and stan can't keep in step,the other soldiers end up instep with him.She often talked about it when she was little and I'd love to know what the film was called so I can get it for her. Thank you in anticipation.

jane summers (jane summers)

Hi my husband and his sister were huge Laurel and Hardy fans. Sadly my suster-in-law died recently from breast cancer but he last gift to my husband was a boxed set of the L&H films. When we used to visit her house we would say "Bye" in the way that L&H did in one of their films where the were driving off in a car, said their goodbyes then something happened to the car so they had to return, fix it, then say goodbyes agin, and again and again. Does anyone recall the name of the film so that we can watch it and laugh again with fondness, and remeber our wonder Linda?

Jane Barber (England)

the film is called 'Perfect Day'. Hope you enjoy.

hello jane barber the film your after is called perfect day all the best.
mark parnaby


September, 18th 2010

Two of the greatest comics of all time. I can never get enough of Laurel & Hardy.

Rick (USA/Massachusetts)

well never for get them always well think of them the boys that mueums a great way to keep their memories alive in all of us and to the little ones that say whos that man in the funny hat they will live forever in my heart and to all the other fans their hearts as well thank u for letting us be a part of their joys and laughter thanks every one that made this site possible thanks . god bless u all and of cause the boy stan and bab hardy .

athena (united states of america)


September, 13th 2010

Looking forward to visiting to Laural & Hardy Museum in Harlem.GA.on Sat 9/18/2010. My husband & I have been long time fans of " The Boys "

Joyce (Jasper)


September, 10th 2010


David (iran/tehran)


September, 3rd 2010

While not being of my time grew ever heard of ''Laurel and Hardy'' two people hilarious, I found the site a chance and seeing pictures I could get a little closer to these wonderful people. People like Laurel and Hardy are eternal, then God bless those who can live with them and noise will stay with the good memories in photos, videos and stories about these two. rest in peace forever.

Paulo Roberto (BRAZIL)

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