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December 27th 2010

Dear L&H fans,

one question: I plan to buy the L&H collection box 1-3. 30 DVDs. Do I have all films or there are other boxes available? I would like to present my sons right films remembering my childhood! Thanks for any feedback

Werner (Germany)

Dear Werner, the Kinowelt box collection contains nearly all of the Laurel & Hardy films produced by Hal Roach. If you buy all 3 boxes + Bonnie Scotland (Die Sittenstrolche) + Fra Diavolo + Spuk um Mitternacht (in which Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy speak German themselves), you have got all the good ones.

Nadine (Germany)


December 23rd 2010

loved laurel and hardy since childhood would watch them all the time their must be some legal reason as to why they are not on tv any more hardly on sky either you used to see them on sat mornings or most holidays christmas easter etc, weird one great box set of shorts and movies brought out a few years ago allthough not all movies are on it like the colour ones computerised the general acting and timeing is fantastic with these men we will never see the likes again the mould was smashed when they were born . their was a mavie made years later early 1990,s of 2000 laurel and hardy and the mummy god awful movie but a great impression of them by the 2 actors is its only saving hate the cartoon of t! hem . laughing gravy is my fave second oliver the eighth then be big could wath them in a loop oh well all the best friends merry xmas good 2011 long live stan and olly god rest them ...........

robert biggins (glasgow / scotland)

I have a plaster statue of Laurel and of Hardy. I also have a picture that I don't know if it's hand or machine drawn. I would like to talk to someone about them, but don't know where I should go. I would appreciate an email to talk with someone.

Thank you, Scott (Mesa, Arizona)


December 22nd 2010

We have available many letters in very good condition from Stan Laurel to business friends and others includes envelopes,idealfor collectors.
Any interested paries please contact Glenn At

Glenn Franklin (AUSTRALIA)


December 18th 2010

Could anybody tell me what were the d.o.b of Laural & Hardy

Jack Midley (bradford)

look on the players on this site

mark parnaby


December 11th 2010

Hi I am looking for some info on a picture I have recently picked up. It is a gold photo with a gold frame and it is of Laurel and Hardy with both signatures on the bottom right corner. It also says 1941 Warner Bros Great Guns. I have been looking online for days now to find one similar and have had no luck. On the back of the frame is a sticker from Picture This out of NY. If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!!

Jewels (Ohio)

To follow up on my last message, I am incorrect. It does not say 1941 Warner Bros--It says 1941 20th Century. I apologize and ANY info is more then what I have now!!

Thanks so much!!

Does anyone know the title of the film when Stan and Ollie are in the army (desert) and are helped by a crow, always coming back to them? In the German version this bird was called Penelope.
Thank you for any helpful hint!!!


Hi All,

Does anyone know why Stan & Ollie are no longer shown on UK TV (or am I missing a SKY channel or something)?

I used to adore watching them... no matter how many times you just knew what was going to happen next, and when it did, it was still just as hilarious.

Thanks, Steve (Cheshire, UK)


December 10th 2010

Happy Birthday, Lois Laurel.

Matheus (Salto - SP - Brazil)


December 9th 2010

Helloooooooooo Laural & Hardy!

amy leigh fraser (skegness)


December 1st 2010

Do you remember a tv commercial in the 70's with Laurel and Hardy for the game Aggravation?
The catch line was, "A very upsetting game". Thanks.

Brian (US)


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