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May 30th 2011

I wish they were still here so that they could make more silent movies like: a royal wedding special,meeting the queen and a christmas 2011 special. all of my class love them both even my teacher does we watch them nearly everyday every time we can't stop laughing at our dinner time. we all think sons of the desert is the best 1 or way out west IS 1 OF THE BEST 1S


Evan6198 (Warrington,united kingdom)


May 16th 2011

Need to find a fair Value of several items I have.
I have several Slides of Laurel before his death.
I have a Letter and Audio tape he made for Robert Stowell.
I have a Menu from the 1st Annual Sons of the Desert Dinner with the signature of Hal Roach and Billy Gilbert.
I also have THE copy of The Rouge Song that Robert found in 1981 recorded on a Studio tape.
Any info on these items would be great.

These items were saved from the back of a dump truck..
Almost lost forever.. I had just found a box of old Newspapers a week before so when I saw this box of Papers I grabbed it.. At the bottom were all these items.. They have a history.. Glad they will have a future.

Joe (USA California)


May 15th 2011

Ha ha, 'the boys' appear in 'Doctor Who', with the Dr (complete with fez) joining them to the dance routine from 'The flying deuces', genius!!!

David Bickerstaff (London)

Hi all, I currently have a pair of Laurel and Hardy ventriloquist puppets on ebay. Item 250820092000. They were hand made by a famous puppeteer, Verna Finley, in 1985. Just a friendly FYI.

David (Georgia)


May 13th 2011

Great heroes of humor, kings of joy will never be forgotten by the beauty of your actions, thank you for showing the gay side of life and healthy, the humor of you infect us today, see you soon

Carlos Ferranti (Gravataí)



May 12th 2011

I have an orignal photo of Laurel & Hardy thats been signed by Stan Laurel.How do i find out the value?

Tony Bustos (Mccleary Washinton)

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