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June 30th 2011

Hi All

I would like to let everyone know that i have established a community group in England to acquire the former King James grammar School in Bishop Auckland England and convert the building into a Stan Laurel Museum and Drama Centre

Stan Laurel was a pupil at the school in 1902-03 when his father managed the towns Eden Theatre

I would value any help or support to get this project off the ground
Please check out our new website or our facebook page stanlaurelmuseumbishopauckland

Many Thanks

Michael Oneill (BISHOP AUCKLAND)


June 19th 2011

IJust stopped by to wish all well, the boys will be so proud that people out there still remember their genius, and the work they did to make us all smile. Thank you all, and to the people whom made this site happen it has brought back so many fond memories.

Fan of Stan (Birmingham England)


June 16th 2011


Gav Cuthbertson (Gateshead)


June 14th 2011

I'm producing "One Night: Stan" a one man show about Stan Laurel after they broke up, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August.

Michael Blaha (Santa Monica, California USA)


June 13th 2011

Would love to show my niece & nephew the best of laurel & hardy. By this I mean the one where they go from selling fresh fish to attempting to buy a boat & do their own fishing (name forgotten), the one where Stan Laurel destroys Ollies house, leaving him in a ceremonial uniform with bent sword & roofless house,their very best I would say, clearing up after a party (name forgotten), escaped convict (name forgotten), itinerant musicians (where Stan swallows the barrel of water). VHS or VHS copied to video would be acceptable, if quality was not awful. Apparently many of these were never recorded on more modern media and are lost/unwatchable on the originals. Incentives may be negotiable.
Regards, Mike

Michael Turner (UK, Staffordshire)

Hi Michael...where in Staffordshire are you? I've recently upgraded to the dvd box set (after almost a decade of drooling over it in HMV!) and as such i've got a number of VHS videos of Laurel & Hardy (the 1990's editions....not sure without digging them out exactly how many there are, but there's at least 20-something) which you might be interested in for your niece/nephew.

Mick (UK, Staffordshire)


June 11th 2011

Could someone please tell me the name of the film in which Stan and Ollie have their feet in cement and are wobbleing around at the edge of the dockland, they look like subbutio players. Many thank, David.

David Taylor (Southport)


June 2nd 2011

have an origional copy of the night owls ex Ealing studios and other ealing comedy origionals. wonder what their value is?

steve smith (colchester england)


June 1st 2011

As a deafened person I read somewhere that Oliver Hardy was 'profoundly' deaf. Is that true? if so, I am even more impressed with his performances.
I live in the region of Stan Laurel's birthplace and every town where his father (Mr Jefferson)managed the Theatres, it is said Stanley gave his first stage performance there. Was his debut at Bishop Auckland, Blyth or North Shields? Or another location? Is there any acurate information?
Thanks, Andy

Andy Griffin (Alnwick, Northumberland England)

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