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September 28th 2011

Some years ago, I saw a L&H film in which Laurel used two potatoes punctured by forks to perform a cute little dance on a table making the potatoes/forks appear to be legs and feet.

Does anyone know the name of that film?

Duane Stucky (USA Marion, Illinois)

I think you have this confused with Chaplin's "Dance of the Rolls "from THE GOLD RUSH

S. Sobolewski (USA)


September 22nd 2011

I have a limited edition print of a pencil drawing (No. 290/300) of Laurel and Hardy dressed as choir boys, standing either side of someone who appears to be dressed as a vicar or minister. It is signed by an artist called Gregory. Does anybody have any knowledge of the artist or if any have sold at auction??? I have tried to find out about it online but without success. Thanks.

Steven Dawkins (Spain, Torrox)


September 18th 2011

wow this website is wonderfull. laurel and hardy has always been my favorite.if i feel sad or blue they they make me laugh.if i get into a fine mess i think of them.

sharon campbell (usa/cleveland ohio)


September 10th 2011

Just found your website as i am trying to get into a L & H mood as i am attending a friends L & H evening later today which i believe is a 6-8 hour session of watching DVD's.
have loved L & H since i was a kid but must confess i have not watched any for a few years but this evenings session should rekindle my love for the funniest pair ever.
who knows i might join the S of the D and get my host and other guests to join.
many thanks for your website and socirty and loved watching the short clip of the month.

anthony langford (oxford united kingdom)


September 6th 2011


Andrew Walters (Pontypridd, Wales)


September 2nd 2011

I have loved Laurel and Hardy since being an infant.I have been a member of the Sons Of The Desert now since 1990. I have all their films on DVD and much memorabilia. My collection consists of posters, postcards, lobby cards,prints and various other items. I think I must have one of the best collections,certainly in my part of England! I get enormous pleasure from these two great men and only wish I could have met them.



September 1st 2011

As w/ most L&H fans over the years we never payed attention to the names of the shorties. I would like to know the name of this shorty and where I can purchase it. L&H drive up in their car in front of wealthy mans house wanting to sell him a Christmas tree. The man eventually closes the door in their face and the tree gets stuck in the door. This happens multiple times causing the man to get so irritated he chops off their tree. L&H trade going in his house smashing personal objects while he goes over to L&H's car and trades smashing their car to pieces till both things are destroyed.
Absolutely the funniest L&H short ever.

Mark C. Clark (USA Miami FL)

The L&H short with the Christmas tree was "Big Business"

David Johnson (Australia)

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