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October 30th 2011

Does anybody know of anywhere in the UK you can buy Laurel and Hardy wallpaper for decorating a wall in one of the rooms in our house?

Tony Crowley (UK)


October 27th 2011

Hi I am Fred Karno's great granddaughter. Stan started out with Fred as a young man famously as understudy to Chaplin in Mumming Birds. My granddad (Leslie Karno) Fred's son used to tell me stories about the old music hall and my nan Louisa was a dancer for Fred - obviously how they met. I have a lovely photo of Stan, Hal Roach and Fred Karno. Stan used to write to my granddad when I was a child. I believe he was a lovely man. My granddad always spoke highly of him. He once said "Karno didn't teach Charlie and I all we know - just most of it".

Louise Julia Karno Murchison (Ware Hertfordshire England)

Wow Louise, what a great story, thanks for sharing it! Your grandad sounds like a great bloke (and your great-grandad sounds like a grand bloke!), what great memories of his tales you must have. Thanks again!

Michael (Staffordshire,England)


October 25th 2011

I'm thrilled RHI is finally doing a large release, multi DVD release of the Hal Roach talkies and I will get my set ASAP. This is long overdue and even with the poor state of the economy I predict they will sell many copies. As they say laughter is good for the soul and Stan and Ollie certainly are the masters at making one laugh.

I hope RHI will release a second set of the silents for us fanatics!

Walt Brown (Boise, ID USA)


October 23rd 2011

I've been a Laurel and Hardy fan ever since my Dad introduced me to them when I was a child. The movies were still being shown in theaters then, and later were shown on TV. I have several L&H videos. My sister and I learned the dance from "Way Out West" for a talent show. Can hardly wait to get the new DVD set!!

Coralie Key (Fort Worth, TX USA)


October 21st 2011

Absolutely love laurel and hardy, legends!! :)

charlene (ireland)


October 20th 2011

I wish they were still on the tele here because they are without doubt the greatest comedy pairing ever. I am 25 and still love them as much as I did when I was 4.

michael burns (newcastle england)


October 15th 2011

Great to find this site,been lifelong fan since i was 8.... will be back later to post a great story about L@H,where a certain world famous rock/blues guitarist was in stitches over a tape that i gave him way back in 1982....

mark ratcliffe (Leeds UK)


October 14th 2011

In looking for news about the release of the new Essential Laurel and Hardy DVD set, I came across this site and can I tell you what a great job and effort put in to presenting the great collaboration of "the boys". My dad introduced me to L&H as a kid in the 60.s I introduced L&H to my sons as well in the 90's. Now the three generations are looking forward to the new set and watching them on a big screen with surround sound. It just goes to show that when something is good, it is timeless.

Wayne Stoddard (Canada, Georgetown)


October 10th 2011

I am looking for a Laurel and Hardy short that I saw when I was a kid, over 50 years ago. In it, the car the boys are driving is involved in a minor fender-bender. Laurel and Hardy and the driver of the other vehicle commence to avenging themselves on each other by damaging each others cars. By the end of the short, both cars have been reduced to rubble. Can anyone tell me the name of this short? Thanks in advance.

Phil Prever (Claremont, New Hampshire)


October 4th 2011




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