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November 26th 2011

Thanks Laurel-Hardy iam from iran and iam 30 years old love your movies a lot

pouya (iran\tehran)


November 25th 2011

I have stan laural on a motorbike with a dog on the back. its 18 inches long and 14 inches high I do not know what it is made of, but its heavy. Looked on the internet but can not find one. Can anyone tell me whats its worth. I'VE HAD IT A VERY LONG TIME.

carol treagus (uk)


November 22nd 2011

Hi there.

Does anybody know in which film I could find the following scene of L&H?

Laurel&Hardy are sitting at the breakfast table with their wifes and instead of eating they are passing sugar, coffe, etc. around the table again and again.

Thanks for your help!

Nina (Switzerland)

to nina (switzerland)the film you are looking for is called our relations hope you find and enjoy.

mark (middlesbrough, uk)


November 10th 2011

Turner Classic Movies have started showing L & H quite frequently. On 11/6 and again on 11/13 - "Silent Sundays' featured the early silent shorts! MeTV also shows L & H on Sundays. Check listings.

USA-San Francisco


November 6th 2011

Two really funny men, such a shame that they did not make more films during the 1930's when they did their vey best work ! Visited Santa Monica California the other month and seen the apartment building where Stan Laurel lived until his passing in 1964, his telephone number was actually once listed in the phone book, fans would telephone him and sometimes even be invited to visit with him ! I would have loved to have met both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy ! Hope to see more video stores offer the Laurel and Hardy films on DVD, they are rather hard to find locally here in Northern Arizona !

Thomas (America)


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