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December 29th 2011

we never forget you!!

franco sorrentino (krefeld germany)


December 26th 2011

My family use to go out for pizza in the 1970s at a place that showed Laurel and Hardy, and Abbott and Costello films. I grew to love them and want to share them with my kids now. I hope I meet them some day when I leave this life.

Rick (USA/OHIO/Columbus)


December 17th 2011

Hi. god bless them. when i see their movies every time, i said this Sentence:god bless them. they was really comedy man. I hop see them in paradise.

kiarash (IRAN/Tehran)


December 15th 2011

I am 44 years old and lucky to have grown up with many of Laurel & Hardy being shown repeatedly on Danish and Swedish national television in the 70s and into the 80s when we were able to record them on home video. Sadly they are no longer being shown. But the home video releases keep improving and how lucky we are. One thing I am wondering about, with all the painstaking work on Laurel and Hardy: The Essential Collection, with HD transfers being made, why not release it on Blu-ray format?

Ole Alstrup (Denmark Copenhagen)


December 12th 2011

What movie or short was Stan bottling wine while Ollie left to get something? Stan gets drunk before Ollie gets back.

John Larson (USA/Salem)

John Larson. regarding your question ?..... the answer is The Bohemian Girl.

Rev. Simon Ricketts (North Wales, UK)


December 9th 2011

great site for l and h fans to chat. i purchased the 10 dvd set from RHI with all shorts and most movies. any comments from u guys????

george (usa/ new york)

Hopefully, I can catch the upcoming documentary about the boys at some point. It's too bad that it wasn't ready in time to be included in the new 10 disc set! Am enjoying that very much! It has been an incredibly long wait for us North Americans, but well worth it!

In response to John's December 9 message, the name of the feature is "The Bohemian Girl" from 1936.

Anthony Bensley (Canada/North Bay)

I have a 1929 laurel & hardy man o war photo that ive been trying to find a price on it..the condition not so good its pasted on a piece of wood I guess for protection... Can someone tell me anything about

Jeremy mcwhorter (Usa, pascagoula,ms)


December 8th 2011

The best comedy duo of all time! Their films shall live FOREVER!

Angus Lamont (Glasgow, Scotland)


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