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June 23rd 2012

these guys were to legends that will live on forever, I went to see Stan Laurels grave in Los Angeles last year, I drove into Forest Lawn and thought there is no way I would ever find in here,I parked up walked a little turned a corner and there it was, it felt so sad that we had lost such a fantastic guy.

Keith Wellens (UK/Manchester)


June 21st 2012

even to this very day and year 2012..these two fine men shall never be cast aside like so many others.for their films made before my birth 1960 gave me so much fun in my early years and blessings go to stan and oliver for their talents above and beyond all others....thankyou

steve hayward (united kingdom, stafford)


June 17th 2012

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew the film where Stan laurel
(I can only describe it as) :
slapping his palms twice on his thighs then raising his hands
crossing them and placing one hand on this nose one on his ear...then repeating it but reversing the hands.

I know it sounds daft but i do remember this any help would be great
ty in advance

Mick (uk/wolverhampton)

The movie where Stan does, earsie, kneesie, nosie is Fra Diavolo. Ollie tries to do it, but of course, fails. Stan repeated this trick in Babes in Toyland, and got rapped in the knuckles with a stick by Ollie.

Paul Scher (New York, USA)


June 16th 2012

Hi can you tell me did laurel and hardy say this quote "Start the day off with a hearty laugh please"
Thank you all so much

Rachel (England)


June 10th 2012

Hi, in which film does Laurel get sucked down the plug hole of the bath at the end? Have been trying to find out for years! Thank you

Antonia (Edinburgh)

That would be "Come Clean", a 1931 sound short. While spending a night at home with the wives, Laurel & Hardy go out for some ice cream. They spot Mae Busch committing suicide and rescue her from the river. She turns out to be a nut case, and follows the boys back into their apartment building. Not wanting to explain to their wives why they brought a strange woman back ( even after Oliver suggests they "come clean" and tell their wives exactly what happened ) they end up hiding Mae in the bedroom. While Oliver attempts to convince her to leave, Laurel keeps the wives occupied by telling them a story ( which turns out to be the popular dirty joke about the farmer, his daughter and a traveling salesman. We only hear the ending of the joke when the farmer shoots the salesman and the shocked reaction of the wives. ) The wives become suspicious and Stan hides Mae in the bathroom while Oliver tries to keep them out by claiming Stan is taking a bath. Hearing this Stan immediately fills the tub and gets in with his clothing still on. The police show up and arrest Mae, who happens to be a wanted felon with a bounty on her head. The police inform Stan that he is entitled to an award, and when he does not offer to share it, Oliver pulls the plug out of the tub. When the wives return Oliver informs them that Stan "has gone to the beach"

Zip Rohstky (Frost Park NX)


June 2nd 2012

I Adore this Clean Humor. Laurel & Hardy are Still the Best Comedians Ever. Wish They Were Still Here to Clean Up the Movies.

Renee Carter (USA/Minnetonka)


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