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August 27th 2012

Their films shown at the festival in Iran are still interesting. thanks


August 11th 2012

Here in Philly, we get ME-TV and being 70 yrs young, I gew-up with L&, my grandchildren are watching after I had them wathc the "Piano". Ever since then, Sun AM are devoted to L&H before we go to church. Thanks for this website.

bob vassallo (phila.,pa usa)


August 6th 2012

Hello, Laurel & Hardy - The Official Website and its devoted fans:

Just to let you all know that Me-TV, a retro TV cable channel, has been showing the syndicated 1986 series "The Laurel & Hardy Show" on Sunday mornings at 6:30am Eastern. Yes, it is the same 90-minute show (with the same copies made in that year) that has been showcasing Stan and Ollie's Hal Roach Studios plus their bonus "Scrapbook" feature, and was originally distributed to local stations back then.

Well, the boys are back on TV, and it seems now on a regular basis for the time being. Although I have their 10-disc DVD box set in my collection, it is great to see them back on the airwaves (and on cable here in NYC) once again for a much larger available audience.

William A. Padron (Jackson Heights (Queens), NY, USA)

Who plays the little orphan girl in "Pack Up Your Troubles" & what happened to her? She's great, & a natural actress! Thank you.

Eileen Zukauskas (California, USA)


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