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September 29th 2012

Watched the "Music Box" with my 4 year old daughter tonight! We both cried laughing an amazing piece of work that's 80 years old & can still drum the laughter of a modern day 4 year old. A true testament to laurel & Hardy that their work is timeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul (Ireland)


September 23rd 2012

I have been showing many friends here in Thailand the laughter and comedy Laurel and Hardy brought to me as a child and I must admit, the Thai people love it.
Just a big thank you to you all for bringing laughter to millions everyday from beyond the grave.
Truly the greatest

Scott (Thailand)

As a huge Laurel & Hardy fan at the tender age of 19, I have the complete collection but am quite saddened that the great men are never shown on TV. Especially in my country, the last short I seen on the televison was "They Go Boom!" and that was in 2008.

I do look occasionally look for them in TV listings but with no luck, I know I can easily watch them at will but think the majority of classical comedy fans are missing out. L&H are (imo) by far funnier than most of the teenage rubbish that is shown to the younger generation these days.

Anyways, was just wondering if we could have a petition to BBC to start showing some shorts again, would love a reply from anyone with my same complaint haha

Thomas Campbell (Edinburgh)


September 20th 2012

first my english is weak but iam lover laurel& hardy. i see movie about them . but i never never forget memory . i cry about lost days.
god bless your souls (dear laurel & dear hardy)
i love uuuuuuuuuu

ali (iran)

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