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December 29th 2013

Hi Stan & Ollie Fans. We are a small Non profit company (Legacy Life Limited (United Kingdom). We help the 300,000 children that die of HIV each year. We have the two boys in either bronze or other metal as very nice small statues on a little pedestal. Can be seen on

They are for sale at $50.00 for the pair, plus postage. The proceeds will go to the Non Profit organization. Stan & Ollie I think would appreciate it. Regards, John

John Bradley Esq (Winchester)


December 28th 2013

Hi My Name Keiron Rees I had Lots laurel and hardy dvds and videos figure funny films I watched every day,

Keiron Rees (Barry)


December 26th 2013

I am in agreement that it would be nice to see more of the boys on metv tvland, amc,ect...
I think they are for all generations of people to enjoy.
Hardly ever see them on tv anymore.

Matt (Elizabethtown)


December 21st 2013

Does anyone know the name of the movie where Stan & Oliver are in a dinner, and Oliver orders a thick steak smoothered in onions,with a baked potato, a pot of coffee, a slice of apple pie, top with vanilla ice cream?

Michael Prince (USA Davie, Florida)


December 15th 2013

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me please, in the film Laughing Gravy, does Stan ever explain why he has named the dog Laughing Gravy?

Many thanks
Grayling (Yeovil, UK)


November 25th 2013

the older movies are great and make my laugh and are good
to see again ,thank you .

marco (netherlands, heusden)


November 23rd 2013

In 1995, I wrote the first biography on Laurel & Hardy in German language. Nevertheless, there are still some open questions.
Can anybody tell me the dates and places of death of Madelyn Saloshin Hardy and Vera Ivanova Shuvalova Laurel alias "Ileana"?
I am grateful for any help to find a tracew to thee two ladies. Maybe anybody even knows what they did after the divorces from Laurel & Hardy.
I like the L&H Forum and keep on reading it with pleasure and curiosity.
Greetings from Germany.

rik (Germany)


November 9th 2013

I never get tired of these two, and the more I watch their shorts and movies, the more I see the sheer genius in their work. They are true originals.
I am looking to purchase VHS or DVD colorized versions of their short films. Anyone make a recommendation?

Tim Balon (USA, Clearwater FL)


November 7th 2013

They where simply the best, they were entertainers and they did that so funny to watch as a kid.

Bert Taylor (UK)


October 21st 2013

Can someone tell me which L&H film contains the following gag (I believe it was used at least twice):
A man in the foreground throws a rock at a man who is way below in a grassy field. After a long pause, the man in the field does a flip, accompanied by a sound effect of the rock hitting him.
I know it is not the closing shot of "Berthmarks."
I'm wanting to share this gag with a fellow filmmaker but can't recall which movie.
Thanks :)

Danny (USA)


October 20th 2013

i love laurel and hardy there are the best funny men in motion picture history.

joe (usa)


October 17th 2013

Loved these guys so much when I was a child of the late 50's and 60's. They were so funny and what get timing they had. There will never be another Laurel & Hardy. I wish I could have sat down with them and talked. I wish I were born in the 30's but I was born in 1957. I missed so many of the great Actors from the early movie era.

Ellen Dianella (USA, Culver City, CA)


October 5th 2013

Congrats on such an excellent site that has almost everything about the "boys"!!Keep up the good work!!
Iam a real fan of the "boys" and have made it a point to watch most of their films having re-discovered them through this site!

Had a few queries and would appreciate if anybody could revert regarding the same-I understand,through,that the Sons of the desert are having their next convention next year at Hollywood. I have my aunt at Newbury park which is about 40-50 miles from Hollywood. Incase i decide to come for the convention,could
anyone help me with accomodation if i am unable to stay i with her family and attend the convention? Also,could any transport be provided from Newbury park/ Thousand Oaks to the venue? (as i would not like to incommode my uncle to pick and drop me)

Chinmaya (Bangalore/India)


October 4th 2013

I have found a hollow statue of Laurel and Hardy during a house clearing at my late mother-in-law’s whose late husband was a big fan.
It’s hollow, appears to be a copper mould, and looks hand painted.
It’s 17” tall, just over 9” wide and approx. 4” deep.
It’s of the two of them, in their familiar black suits, leaning against a gold-coloured lamp-post, standing on a deep wine coloured base that’s approx 9” x 2” x 4”.
It has LAUREL & HARDY painted on the base front in gold/copper-coloured paint.
I can’t find a maker’s name on it, nor can I find anything on a Google search that resembles this that’s made of metal.
I’d like to find out more about it if anyone can help.

B Marshall (Londonderry, Northern Ireland)


October 3rd 2013

Ever since I was a child in the 60s 70s I would watch laurel and hardy with my brothers and sister and then in the 80s 90s I would watch laurel and hardy when ever it was on tv. Then my daughter was born in 2000 and she really loves watching them, I now have the 21 dvd box set. Even now every time we watch it we still laugh at it. They are still definitely the best comedians to have ever lived I really love them they're absolutely fabulous.

E.Parkinson (ngland Lincolnshire Spalding)


September 30th 2013

I'm in possession of two typed and signed letters from Laurel and Hardy Feature Productions signed by both Stan and Oliver. They are address to my grandfather who worked at Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation dated 1941 and another 1942. I am looking at establishing a value for them and you are the very first group I'm reaching out to for advise! Can you help direct me to where to begin this process? Thank you for your consideration!

Timothy Bennett (U.S.A. Corona, Ca)


September 21st 2013

I have enjoyed Laurel and Hardy since a very young age, I just found everything they did extremely funny, I'd love to see this come back to TV.

Jack Winstanley (Wigan, England)


September 14th 2013

My 10 year old son has discovered my Laurel and Hardy box set and I have never heard him laugh out loud so much.
I am now enjoying revisiting with him and need a bit of help please. I remember one particular film where Stan I believe strikes a match, Ollie asks why he did that, and Stan says it was to check the light was off. Ollie's reaction is brilliant...but I can't remember which film this was from. Can anybody help please?

Andrew Jones (Suffolk)

Does anybody know where Laurel and Hardy say the same word at the same time, link their little fingers and say 'I wish I wish your wish comes true....I wish I wish the same to you' (they wish) and then each says the name of a poet? This has been a tradition in our family for years...and once I saw it on a laurel and hardy.Thanks so much

Amanda Rosewell (Amanda Rosewell)


September 5th 2013

Being a kid of the 1960's and seeing Laurel & Hardy on the T V mainly at Christmas time , I was hooked and have been so ever since, If ever i feel down I just have to think Stan & Ollie in one of their situations and this makes me smile, What a fantastic pair they were, they will still make people smile in one hundred years time simply timeless humour , Great website thanks.

Phil Ward (England)


September 4th 2013

Since 1985 i've enjoyed watching L+H both on television and video, they always make me laugh. I rank them as the funniest comics around and whenever I talk about them to others I can't help laughing. I would be intrested to hear from others both here in the UK and around the world just what makes them so funny even today. Please get in touch as i'm willing to talk about L+H to just about anyone who will listern. Thanks.

Andrew Cresswell (England)


August 26th 2013

Can I buy L&H fez and California sash from Sons of the Desert anywhere?

ian (Liverpool)


August 8th 2013

Do you know the net worth of both these guys when they died? And, does anyone know how much Hal Roach made off these guys? Did they even get a percentage?

Bobby Joe Bake (USA)

Bobby Joe,
I am not sure I have ever seen a dollar amount of net worth but from the books about them it seems like they had some ups and downs financially. Amazingly and sadly, Stan I believe I remember had some financial problems but fortunately had made some annuity investment or something that helped in later years. I tried to look at the books but realized I lent them to someone and never got them back (yet). In the books there was a discussion about the early pay (low) and how the contracts made it tough to get significant raises if I can remember correctly. I don't believe I ever saw that they got percentages. I imagine that Hal Roach Studios did very well on L&H. Ollie acted but Stan really did a lot including acting, writing gags, etc. A tremendous talent. I am sure someone else can clarify and add to this but I think a bit later there was some kind of holdout that helped the pay. All I can say is that I don't believe they were paid anywhere near what they deserved. In today's world they would have been making $5M+ a feature each. From reading about their lives it seems like they were comfortable but not overly well off. Amazingly Stan lived in apartment in Santa Monica and was listed in the phone book! And would often receive fans. I know this isn't much for you but hopefully it is somewhat helpful. I'll try to track down my books and look them over to get more info on this.



August 6th 2013

I was watching "A Chump at Oxford" yesterday and I noticed that the bank was named Finlayson National Bank and that the President was James Finlayson but the actor was not James Finlayson. I was wondering if anyone knew the story as to why James Finlayson did not play the part of the bank President. It seems to me like the part was written for him but that something may have come up to cause another actor to play the bank President. Any additional information on this would be appreciated. Thanks



August 5th 2013

Being a child in the 70's I was fortunate to see the boys regularly on BBC2, then latterly the odd Christmas treat up until about 10 years ago. It is very unfortunate that they don't get shown any more, as it really was the Genisis of so much that followed. I've got the DVD set so show my family & try to keep the legacy alive "In a small way".
The Oliver Hardy look to camera has made a resurgence in recent years with both Ricky Gervais & Miranda Hart perfecting in in a modern interpretation. Both acknowledge where they first saw it. (Trouble is, unless you know L&H you wouldn't know they did it first). I think a lot of the recent comics who have done their research, tip their hats to L&H. I've often heard Frank Skinner & Paul Merton talk with real admiration for them. A couple of years back Paul Merton did a stage show about the silents where he had a pianist accompany the film & he did a very inforative talk on Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton & the boys. Perhaps we should petition him to carry the cause forward & get him to concentrate on the talkies this time. After all it was L&H that made the transition to sound better than any others.

Steve (Hastings UK)


July 31st 2013

I have managed to find several new 20-something friends that are in complete & utter ignorance of who Laurel & Hardy were; while I have a set of the L&H silent DVDS, where should I start? Or should I begin with a talkie short? Any suggestions would be welcome...

Nat M. Lucas II (Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, USA)

I've tried to get my friends (who are around 20 years old like me) to watch them but I made the mistake in showing them features i.e Pardon Us or Way Out West which take a while to get into the "really funny" parts. I'd suggest these talkie shorts (in colour if available as most people don't even accept B&W as a possibility these days haha). They're full of non-stop mayhem lol

- Brats
- Busy Bodies
- Helpmates
- Dirty Work
- Hog Wild
- Scram!
- The Hoose-Gow
- The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case (takes a while to get into it but the gags are hilarious!)
- The Music Box
- They Go Boom!
- Tit for Tat
- Towed in a Hole



July 26th 2013

Mr.Hardy works in a horn factory. He becomes allergic to horn noise. James Finlayson is the doctor advices Mr.Hardy to take complete rest. He suggest him to go to the sea. He also suggest Mr.Hardy to take plenty of goat’s milk. However Mr.Hardy decide to take rest in complete silence at home itself. Of course with his buddy Laurel. Eventually the matters make them go to sea along with a goat and Mr.Hardy teaches how to milk a goat. A dreaded killer also boards the luxury yacht. This turned up into yet another nightmare ship. Laurel Hardy’s “Sap at sea” a Wonderful master piece by Halroach studios fondly called as laughter or comedy factory. Kids will love it.

S.Vinodh Babu (Pondicherry)


July 23rd 2013

I've been wondering for awhile and I'm not sure if this is good or bad, depending upon the fan.
Since they've remade the Three Stooges, will doing the same to Laurel & Hardy help out?
It might be good by introducing a younger generation to them, but bad if it doesn't turn out well.
Any other thoughts on this idea?


KC, Interesting point on the movie but I think there is tremendous risk. No one can get anywhere near the quality of their screen presence. Dick Van Dyke does an amazing Stan however. But the chemistry between them and their presence individually just can't be achieved even with the best actors. Also, I just don't think any of these remakes do the originals justice. I am not sure it is possible.

Personally, I think the best route is TV. There are many secondary channels now (like Me TV) that could and should run these. Adults would love them and kids would love them.

Back in '86, I believe Hal Roach Studios put together a TV program with the shorts and features with some commentary at the end. It would be nice if someone could get these rights and get them to the public. The world needs this quality programming.

On a sidenote, I was watching "Come Dine with Me" in England and on an episode there was a Stan and Ollie Tribute group from Scarborough. There was only a short glimpse but they looked were pretty good. Would be fun next time I am in that area to actually see their work.


Jim, it would be great to show reruns of Laurel & Hardy's shorts & movies. If they do it with the Stooges then they should do it for the boys. They could put it on Antenna TV. TCM sometimes shows their work, but not quite enough.
Also, that tribute group does sound interesting. Wish there were tribute groups dedicated to all the classics.



I totally agree. I love The Three Stooges but Laurel and Hardy are in a different league imo. They are so much better. There is so much "there" in L&H shorts and features. It is an education, a PhD really.

Antenna TV, MeTV, AMC, TCM, and others should put L&H on. People would love them. The genius in those shorts is off the charts. I am not sure who owns the rights but I can't believe they aren't going to these channels and getting the L&H product on. I think the ratings would build very nicely. I have seen each short 20+ times and they don't get old. Granted there isn't a lot in the library so reruns would be plenty but there is enough and a break isn't always bad. The one problem I see is how does a MeTV or an Antenna TV block 2 hrs for a feature. The shorts are pretty easy but the features are a bit tougher. So a TCM and/or AMC would be a natural place for the features.

Anyway, I hope the owners of the rights try to make some money for themselves and help educate and entertain current and future generations in what is true genius, Laurel and Hardy.



July 16th 2013

I am related to Oliver Hardy from my mom's mom side of the family. My middle name is Hardy after Hardy Leroy Grooms. Please write back whenever you can. Thanks.

Todd Peters (Cheshire,CT)


July 8th 2013

I'm looking for the name of a L&H movie were they have a lunch wagon and go to the bank for a loan. And the best quote is "Hay give me another weenie". Do you have the name of that movie. I would really appreciate it.

Liz (Bradenton, Florida)

Stan and Ollie have a lunch wagon and head to the bank in "Pack Up Your Troubles" (1932).

Leo (Poland, Ohio)


June 29th 2013

you are fantastic

davide from italy


June 26th 2013

I would love to see restored my two favorite L & H shorts: "Big Business" and "Two Tars"

Gordon Gribble (USA/Hanover, New Hampshire)

I'm very keen on the L&H silent films and occasionaly provide live music for them. I gather that a silent version of Brats was made for cinemas which couldn't show sound films. I've noticed several websites which say that this is available, but they don't say where!! Does a version exist.

Lawrence (Edinburgh, Scotland)


June 17th 2013

The early, and best Laurel and Hardy films are not available in this country. Someone tried to colorize them. And that arrogant asshole still owns them. Tell me who I have to write to make the great 20's and early 30's films available in the country where they were made. If it's Ted Turner, could someone give me his address, so I can discreetly approach him and ring his neck.

Jack W. Stone (USA, Columbia Missouri)


May 27th 2013

Can you please tell me where the guys are buried?
Many Thanks :-)

Boog (Norwich, England)

Stan - Forest Lawn Memorial Park, LA

Ollie - Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, California



May 24th 2013

does anyone know the name of the film where stan and ollie meet a con man who sells them a machine that seems to copy dollar bills.

Charles James (Cardiff)

That scene is from the feature "A-Haunting We Will Go".



May 15th 2013

hi could someone please tell me the name of a film ,as i can;t remember ,but i do know that olie is waling in a park and comes across stan sat in a wheelchair and olie thinks stan has lost his leg or legs ,but in fact its just that stan;s sat on it ....please help thank you

julie toft (cheshire uk)

Don't know if you found your answer but for the record the film you are looking for is Block-Heads(1938).

Graham Bell (Edinburgh)

@Julie that scene is from the feature "Block-Heads", Ollie goes to a Soldiers home to find Stan (after him being in a trench for 20 years, not knowing the war was over) haha. Very funny film. :)



May 3rd 2013

When I was young I saw a silent L&H short with them at the dentist's office. It was so funny people were literally falling out of their seats laughing. What is the name of this short and where can I buy it?

Flyingfingers (Monterey, Ca)

@Flyingfingers that one is a favourite of mines. The silent short is called "Leave 'Em Laughing" and is available in The Laurel & Hardy Collection or you can buy the individual DVD here



May 2nd 2013

Hi Laurel and Hardy's most memorable and happy times in my childhood, and are the parents of each of Badydn

Ali (Iran/Tehran)


April 16th 2013

I've been watching my Laurel And Hardy collection, as it also contains their silent movie shorts as well. All of their movies on the DVD's have been fully restored, and even containing scenes that haven't been seen in decades.
My favorite was Them Thar Hills and Tit for Tat. Amazingly, Hal Roach never believed in making sequels to his shorts, but with that one exception, it was extremely funny. Laurel and Hardy and the two people they met in the trailor in the woods, each going at each other's business and damaging their stores and themselves to get back at what each other did to them. Not to mention when Laurel took those marshmallows from the box every time they left the store, and to get back at them, the guy spreads Alum on the marshmallows making Stan and Laurel's mouth swell up.
Even with all the problems they get themselves into, they manage to get themselves out of it somehow. Would you tell your wife the truth of what really happened, or are you going to "Be Big" Sure amazingly some of the silent movie shorts of them have similar story lines when they started to make their shorts with sound and music.
I also purchased the digital album of all the Hal Roach music for Our gang and Laurel and Hardy, fun to listen to.
What I found amazing was that in Way Out West, that Stan Laurel managed to take all that tickling the woman did in an attempt to grab the deed from inside of Stan's shirt. The poor man laughed himself to bits.

John (New York)


April 15th 2013

I can't imagine my childhood without Laurel & Hardy. My twin sisters and I would watch them with our parents and laugh until our sides ached. I particularly remember "kneesie nosie", a routine Mr. Laurel did (I think it was in "Fra Diavolo", but not sure). My sisters and I practiced until we got it right. I'd have loved to visit Mr. Laurel and show him we'd learned it! Thanks for this web-site. It's good to know how many people really appreciate their humor. We need it now days!

Jan Valenzuela (USA)


April 14th 2013

hi it would be fantastic to see the boys back on bbc2 couldnt remember when it was i first seen them but never looked back im 41 and now got the box set and showing episodes from them to my daughter whos 8 and loving every min of the boys films

Jon (Lowestoft)


April 8th 2013

Hi, I'm quite interested to know just how many of the colorized Laurel and Hardy films remain unavailable on the home video market in their original black and white form. Wikipedia tells me that 'many of the popular titles are currently only available in the colorized version Cheers!

Gary (Glasgow, UK)

All of them are still available in black and white as far as I know, maybe they mean there is a limited amount of ones that have been colourized? The official collection I have has most of them in B&W and Colour versions. ;)



April 6th 2013

I'm 15 and I've found Laurel and Hardy hilarious. My father has told me about an episode which they hide under a bridge and a police officer asks where they are, and Stan answers to where they are. Anyone know the name of it? Thanks.



March 26th 2013

Can anyone tell? me which? of their shorts (or films) involve a scene where-in Stan is pulling on a light string and a flame shoots out of the light socket? I have done some extensive internet searching but cannot find it. I recall seeing the scene years ago and have been wanting to see it again.


Hi Reb, that scene was from the feature "Saps at Sea". The whole apartment was "fixed" by a googly-eyed plumber haha. Very funny gags! :D



March 7th 2013

Is there anyplace online that I can find the full scripts to the silents? I understand from the book by Randy Skretvedt that there was a lot of detail in some of the scripts. I would love to read and learn from these and the talkie scripts if it is possible. I just can't find them anywhere. Can anyone please point me to a place online where they are able to be looked at and read? Or if not online in person somewhere? Thank you.



February 28th 2013

I've been a huge Laurel and Hardy fan since the age of 5. I recently wrote and directed a tv pilot called "Rafters" and filmed a sequence at the Music Box steps in Silverlake, CA. It's on youtube(put in Rafters pilot) and it's the sequence starting at 7:10 minutes in. I can't think of another narrative film made there in recent years!

Ron Yungul (USA/Los Angeles)

Congrats on a great pilot. I loved the steps scene, terrific stuff (sweaty back and all) and of course the L&H reference there on getting to the house.
Also, loved the music. Fantastic and some of it reminded me of L&H.
Thanks for sharing, it was well worth my time to watch it. Good stuff. Good luck with it.



February 26th 2013

I'm hoping someone could help me. I've managed to break my bosses stan figurine and need to replace it but I can find one anywhere. If anyone could help it would be wonderful. The figurine is about 12 inches tall and he seems to be wearing green army clothes. My boss told me not to worry but I know they mean the world to him. Even if you can tell me what they might be called so I can search the web some more. Thank you. X

Kayleigh Russell (Chelmsford)


February 19th 2013

I believe Oliver Hardy makes a walk on cameo appearance in "Flying Down to Rio" but have never seen a notice. I wonder how much he contributed to the humor in that film?

Bill (San Rafael, CA USA)


February 17th 2013

I think laurel and hardy remind me of the stooges.

Emily (Pennsylvania)

Emily, I see a lot of Laurel and Hardy in the Three Stooges. I wonder how much the Three Stooges (or their writers and directors) were "influenced" by Laurel and Hardy. There are a lot of things that just seem a little too coincidental.



February 11th 2013

We thought you might be interested to know that we're producing Tom McGrath's play Laurel & Hardy at The Watermill Theatre in Newbury in the U.K.
The show is a chance to relive some of the duos famous sketches. It runs from Thurs 13 June to Saturday 20 July and you can find out more information by visiting
Tickets are priced from £14 to £25.

The Watermill Theatre (Newbury, Berkshire, U.K)

I have a 8MM silent called Runaway, release by Atlas Films, Kiddie Movies. Not listed in the Filmography. Can anyone tell me about this film?

Ramiro (USA/Sacramento)


February 5th 2013

Hi, Does any one know the name of the background music used throughout most of the Laurel and Hardy shorts. Usually when they are doing something visual or are talking. Theres a slow section plodding lazy tune. Clarinet playing a sustained melody. Then in moves into a faster section. In "One Good Turn" when Ollie says to Stan to start cutting the wood because it was Stan who suggested it, the music is playing in that scene. I would like to have this piece of usic without any talking over it, just the instrumental. Thanks in Advance

Forcemajeure72 (UK)


February 1st 2013

Hi,my name is Caroline Legg,I am a descendant of Oliver N. Hardy.My great grand-father was his 1st cousin,his name was Marvin B.Norvell his mother was Ollie's aunt. I am Ollie's 4th cousin. I really appreciate you guys dedicating this website to him and Laurel.I just wish that i would of gotten to meet him,he is one of my most inspirational role models... Thankyou

Caroline Legg (Georgia)

Caroline That is fascinating news!! I'm honoured to message somebody that is related to one these two great men! Oliver Hardy was a legend and you must be so proud of him and your roots. I see you're from Georgia too, as was he (Harelem or Atlanta) I'm sure. :)

Thomas (Edinburgh)


January 26th 2013

Fascinating watching the boys doing a wonderful job in French on TCM. Happy belated birthday to Ollie.

Christopher (Los Angeles, CA)


January 22nd 2013

I love Laurel and Hardy and remember seeing a docu drama about Stan visiting Babe after he had his stroke and couldn't talk on UK TV and would love to see it again but can't find any reference to it anywhere. I can't even remember who the actors were that played them both. It must have been shown about 5 years ago. What was it called? Is it available?

Helen C (UK)

That BBC drama was called "Stan", it had mixed responses as most of it was fictional. I've never seen it but it's definitely on my "to watch" list haha. It should be available to buy online, (had a quick search):

Thomas (Edinburgh)

Are the silents available in the US at all? I have been looking but can't find a package of them. I love the recent talkie package and just need more. Thanks


What "talkie" package are you referring to? I own the L&H Collection (as well as various other video tapes and DVD's) but this one is the best for most of the silents and features. -

Thomas (Edinburgh)

Did the Three Stooges take some of their stories/ideas from Laurel and Hardy? Since Laurel and Hardy did many of the same things before the Three Stooges I wonder. I ordered a lot of Laurel and Hardy books but have not gotten them yet to see if I can find this answer.

Thank you Thomas for the link to the silents. The talkie package is the Laurel and Hardy Essential Collection. I bought it from Amazon in the US as I live in the US. Thanks for everything.


Yeah I'm pretty sure The Three Stooges "replicated" some scenes and gags from L&H (Hal Roach studios) as they started filming shorts between the mid 30's to the 50's (I think). Many gags and slapstick scenes were similar in that time. It was like a kind of trend haha. Anyways, good to hear that you bought "The Complete Collection", glad to have helped. ;)



January 19th 2013

Did any catch the tcm laurel and hardy foreign language night? I thought they did a great job of playing stuff no other network would do....

Rmedaska Nnutley, NJ)

We just watched Laughing Gravy how wonderful What a name for a dog. So funny My mom (87) told me where to find it on tv

Diane M Eastling (USA)


January 18th 2013

Happy Birthday, Ollie!

Joanne (San Francisco)

A fan since I was a kid; I am pushing 40.

Miguel A Hernandez (Odessa, Texas)


January 17th 2013

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows about a photo taken at the Portsmouth Camber Docks on a visit in the 1940s. This photo was taken with one of the comedy duo on board a fishing boat with my grandfather who took the comic out on a fishing trip. Many thanks for you help.

Julie Northam (Portsmouth)


January 16th 2013

Hello, I am great fan of Laurel and Hardy! :-) I am happy, they have cool official webpage!!!:-) Thanks a lot for it!

Petr, 32 y.o. fan from Czech Republic.


January 10th 2013

HI! My Dad introduced me to L & H on UK TV in the 70s - happy days! I have a hardback book which is digitally printed and appears to be a recent (ish) members only book called The Sound Shorts Volume 2?

Winkle (UK)


January 1st 2013

Laurel and Hardy should be an indispensable part of every person's childhood.
Could you tell me what is the name of the skit wherein both Laurel and Hardy visits a graveyard and is left scared?

S.Roy (Kolkata, IND)

@S.Roy those scenes are from the short silent "Habeas Corpus" ;)

Thomas (Edinburgh)

Habeas Corpus, yes!
Thanks a ton Thomas. I had been searching for it since a long time.

S.Roy (Kolkata, IND)

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