Restoration of the Foreign Versions

We are in the process of restoring the Laurel and Hardy foreign versions. So far the Italian, French and Spanish sound tracks have been digitally cleaned (de-noised, de-crackled, de-hummed), carefully remastered and synced to the uncut Library of Congress material. The restored Italian versions are now available on DVD, distributed by Universal. The restored French and Spanish versions will be released later this year. The German versions are currently being restored and will be released by Kinowelt in 2009.

 Before & after video excerpts from ANOTHER FINE MESS (Spanish)
 Before & after video excerpts from MIDNIGHT PATROL (French)
 Before & after video excerpts from PARDON US (Italian)
 Before & after stills
Please note: The before & after video excerpts are shown sequentially. Due to the difference in duration, a split screen was not possible.
  Restoration by Richard W. Bann (1998)