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June, 25th 2010

have old porceiin dolls can someone tell me what there worth

david parramore (apopka florida)


June, 20th 2010

all you need to know of comedy can be found in the work of buster keaton and laurel and hardy

jim (usa/cotati,ca)


June, 18th 2010

We would like to invite you to join us for a memorial service for David Anshus. Dave was a faithful fan of Sons of the Desert for many years, so we hope you can come and can spread the word about his memorial service. Please come to share in a celebration of his special life.

Date: Saturday, June 26th @ 10am
Location: First Covenant Church, Edina Minnesota

Contact information:
For questions please contact Paul Anshus

Teddi Anshus (Bellingham, WA)


June, 16th 2010

Happy 120th Birthday, Stan!!

Bob Erndt (Sacramento, California USA)

Happy Birthday Stanley!

Vhris Waymire (USA/Portland, OR)

Anyone know where I can purchase the entire Short catalog on DVD? Sony just completed releasing all of the Three Stooges shorts. I wish the studio would do this for L&H

James Kelly (Bayside, NY)


June, 15th 2010

I am looking for a box set of Laurel and Hardy short subject films--talking pictures not silent. Any idea of a source?

Larry Melancon (USA/Albuquerque)

Hi a friend of mine has a photo of L & H sttod outside a building in their overcoats, holding their hats with 5 women around them and two men I think it was taken in Lincolnshire, it was autographed by them both, I think it is an original not a print could any one advise what it is worth the lady would like to sell it.

Belinda (Grantham UK)


June, 10th 2010

I was only 10 when I first saw Laurel And Hardy films on BBC 2 when they used to show it during the summer at around lunchtime. Now I'm 15 and i still love there work :)

Adam Alcorn (Glasgow)

53 years old and was introduced to the boys when they were on TV when I was 4. Have loved them ever since. Raised a son and daughter on Laurel and Hardy, and now have a 4 week old grandson, and now have a 4 week old grandson that I have full plans to indoctrinate with Little Rascals, and L&H! <Rubbing hands together like Finn>

Mark Blair (Chino Hills, Calif/USA)


June, 9th 2010

Which film was it where Stan asks for ice cream and the shop assistant reads out a long list of flavours only for Stan to ask for something not on it - Tooty Fruity I think!

Stephen (London)

These Guys are really wonderful!!!! Ilove Laurel and Hardy.

Christina (Brazil/Sao Paulo)


June, 7th 2010

Just LOVE these two.

Jan Simonsen (Gateshead - UK)

I'm 12 years old, and Laurel and Hardy are my favorite comedy group, next to the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers. I'm a big fan, and does anyone know when their movies Way Out West, The Music Box, and Hollywood Party will be on TCM? I know that they are going to put the Marx Brothers movies Duck Soup and Monkey Bussiness on very soon.
p.s. Laurel and Hardy are the best!

Comedy Classic's Fan (Dearborn, MI)

I have a strange request. I am trying to find out which movie L&H get their noses cut off at the end? Any help woukld be greatly appreciated.



June, 4th 2010

Stan Laurel resided in North Shields (UK) in his early life and his father Arthur Jefferson was the manager of the Borough Theatre in nearby Wallsend. It is commonly thought that Stan started his acting career at this venue.

The reason for writing is that our local council are looking to demolish this building in August/Sept 2010 and we want to save it from the bulldozers.

If you can give us any support to stop them turning this site into apartments we would be most grateful. Our Facebook page is at!/group.php?gid=131512870192388


Slim Palmer (UK)


June, 3rd 2010

Their magic will go on forever, I first watched these two with my father nearly 20 years ago and now my 6 & 4 year old daughters watch them with me now and they have the same belly laughs I did all them years ago. Legend is a word that is used too often these days but these two truely we

Matt (UK)


June, 2nd 2010

Truely one of the best, the chemistry of you two are unmatched. Anything Hal Roach made was funny, Anything you did was the deffinition of humor. You defined comedy, chemistry, and will never be surpassed.
Rest in Peace

Daniel A. Hansen (USA, Lake Forest,Ca.)


June, 1st 2010

What a pair, love them, I have such fond memories of watching these two, there has been nothing quite like it since.x

Donna R (Australia)

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