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March 23rd 2012

block heads forever

mauro proietti (roma)


March 19th 2012

In a recent issue of the AARP newsletter there was a notice of a 10 volume set of Laurel and Hardy films. What is the cost and how do I order the set?

Tom Denmark (USA/Tallahassee, Fl)


March 18th 2012

Laurel and Hardy of course was the greatest of all time!!! I loved watching them when i was a child and still with my kids. Clean wholesome fun!

Chris C (USA)


March 13th 2012

I love Laurel and Hardy. I like the "Big Business" and "Te Piano" best. Most people do, don't they.
I am 24 years old and a big fan. People nowdays forget about those two felas. It sadenes me....

Claudio (Switzeland)


March 10th 2012

I remember as a child watching L&H movies on the BBC during the summer break. I always got up to make sure not to miss them. They will always be my heroes, my comedy favourites - they're the masters of the art who launched so many careers with their original comedy. Miss you Guys.

Paul Jones (Wolverhampton, UK)


March 7th 2012

How can I get a copy on DVD of The Bohemian Girl

barry katz (u.s.a.)

my future husband is a huge laurel and hardy fan, we are getting married next year, and would very much like to have laurel and hardy wedding invitations, does anybody have any ideas where i could get some please.

thanks sue (plymouth, England)


March 3rd 2012

settle a little discusion did hardy ever use the phrase what a revolting development

mir (usa)

I saw the film in my childhood. The film of Stanlio and Olio.
They are in the war. German soldiers are around. Stan and Olio
come to the empty house.They hide themselves there. All of
sudden the german soldiers come to the house. Stan and Olio hide themselves up on the attic.From there they follow what's
happens down in the house.There they feel safe. But up there
they found that there are carrier pigeons. They tok one and attach the message. Their intention was to let their friends
know that Germans are in the house. But when they send the pigeon it just flew down to the basement. So Germains got to know that they are up stairs.So they confined Stan and Olio.
Can You let me know what is the name of the film in which
exists described event.

Best regards from Slobodan Boskovic (Serbia/Beograd)


March 1st 2012

Laurel and Hardy were, in my opinion, the founders of comedy. They were true greats who made the world laugh and still do.
They are sorely missed but their legacy lives on. God bless the boys for bringing laughter to the world.

Joe (Teesside)

In the US an independent TV station, METV shows L & H films every Sunday morning! See if it's on your cable station!

Joanne (San Francisco)

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