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July 17th 2012

Hi to all laurel and hardy fans, i am wondering if anybody can tell me where the nearest sons of the desert tent club is from preston.

mr raymond parkinson (preston lancas)


July 15th 2012

I bought a short 50 feet 8mm film reel titled Laurel and hardy in "Off with his Head". As I don't yet have an 8mm projector I haven't watched it, so have no idea what it's about. I've looked around and can't find any info on it anywhere.
I would assume it's taken from one of their shorts, but have no idea which one.
Here's a link to an image of the box:

Stephen (Scotland, Dunoon)


July 11th 2012

I'm trying to find out in what 'shortie' Ollie remarks to Stan "That he has no time for lollygagging with the likes of you" Can anyone help with this ? Thank You.

Terry (England)


July 9th 2012

Thanks for all those wonderful afternoons I and my friends spent at the movies. I laughed so hard I cried. The days of depression were washed away and fun and joy came to us all. I sometimes wish you two were still around to make my grandkids laugh. God bless your wonderfull souls

Mike (Fort William First Nation)

My wife has a very old laurel and hardy photograph which is signed by them both but it's a bit worn. It was passed on to her by her dad who was a chauffeur for an antiques dealer and he gave him the photo instead of paying him. Does anyone have any idea of the typical value because she doesn't want to just give it away for nothing or be conned by a dealer. Thanks very much.

colin roberts (liverpool)


July 6th 2012

Can anyone tell me the name of the film in which L&H do some wallpapering? I seem to remember them clambering though a window and something with steps. I think Hardy got a paste brush stuck to his chin. It was a great scene but I do not know which movie. Thanks,

Karl Green (UK/Chesterfield)


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