November 24th 2016

Dearest Laurel and Hardy lovers,

To my knowledge, my 14 year old daughter Lara and I did publish the first medical scientific article about our heroes ever: Eye trauma in Laurel and Hardy movies – another nice mess.

We watched last year 92 Laurel and Hardy movies (the ones still available) in a time span of 5 months and analysed them for the occurrence of eye trauma and discussed the impact they could have been had if they were set for real.

For more details:

Best regards,
A very proud father,
Richard (The Netherlands)


November 18th 2016

Dear Laurel and Hardy fans,

I have just had a book published by Bennion Kearny: 'The Laurel & Hardy Legacy - Sitcom Stars Talk Stan and Ollie' that takes a unique take the greatest comedy team of all time. It is based on a series of interviews I managed to get with top names in comedy today - Stephen Merchant, Bruce Forsyth, Ardal O'Hanlon, Andrew Sachs, etc. - talking about their love of Laurel and Hardy how their comedy is reflected in their own work.

Find out more or get a copy through this link: or from publisher's site. Would love to find out what any of any of you think of it. Was fascinated, myself, on what the interviews threw up about the Hardy's (Brent, Fawlty, Ted) and Laurel's (Baldrick, Manuel, Dougal) in the great sitcoms of today.

Barry Brophy (Dublin, Ireland)


October 29th 2016

My dad has told me about him (As an 11 year old) and his friends coming across (and hassling) Laurel and Hardy and their wives in St Stephens Green, Dublin in 1939. Can anyone verify that they were in Dublin at about that time? I can't find evidence on the net. (A quick visit perhaps?) Thanks for any replies.

Adrian (UK)


October 20th 2016

I love these two man from the bottom of my heart.They give me lifetime smile as well as they teach me what is the exact meaning of friendship.
Really these two man was god gifted.I am so tired due to struggling life but when i saw any program regarding LAUREL
& HARDY i feel how beautiful is life.
Thank you very much to your team to preserve the best moment for next generation.



September 21st 2016

Can anyone tell me where I can get the bowler hats from that they wear as they are different shapes and want to make a display with them.

mark husband (Durham / England)

Actually they do not wear bowler hats, they are American Derbies, which are similar but not quite the same. I would try an internet search to see if any shops in UK do them, or can get hold of them. Hope this helps......

Mark Fordham (UK)


August 27th 2016

Can anyone steer me to finding the laurel and hardy movie (it's a dirty job) It's the boys cleaning a chimney.

monte nelson (coon valley,wis)

The name of the film where they are chimney sweeps is Dirty Work. It is one of their funniest in my opinion.....

Mark Fordham (UK)

Did Oliver say: "here's another nice mess you've gotten me into" or "here's another fine mess you've gotten me into" ? Thanks

Walter Webster (Hollywood)


August 25th 2016

no doubt about it.Stan was a comic genius.Ollie was not far behind.

robert bolton (southport)


August 20th 2016

Hi I have two pieces of laurel and hardy memrobellia, a laurel and hardy telephone sign and an oil painting portrait of the two of them, would anyone be interested in buying these?
Many thanks

John (Wales)


August 19th 2016

Hi there,
A good friend of mine has just passed on and I have been left wth the task of selling her life long collection of Laurel and Hardy memorabilia could you give me any suggestions as where I can advertise the items please.

Linda White (Rayleigh Essex England)


August 11th 2016

Hey my dears ...
Really glad to post this for you my friends god bless you both and be sure that we love you and always watching your films Thanks guys, Thank you for every thing and every smiles that you made for us !

your lover, Masoud.


August 8th 2016

I have 2 full size wax works of laurel and hardy as convicts, there is some damage to stan but they were originally made for gem studios many years ago so its to be expected Ollie is in fantastic shape.

I am trying to find an enthusiast who might like to buy them.

I hope this is an acceptable use of your web site.

Kind regards

joan connor (uk)


July 19th 2016

Where can I get hold of the shorts? Like Men O' War and so many others.

Beth Brown (U.S. Benson)


May 29th 2016

I saw a DVD release of one of their films in a discount store very recently (One Good Turn) and purchased it with little hesitation. Watched it last night and was disappointed it only ran for no longer than half and hour. (There was nothing on the packaging to indicate the length of running)

I knew they made a number of short films together, but was hoping for something a little longer than what was presented. Is there such a thing as a complete collection available on DVD ? It's very rare that I see ANY material from these legendary duo available within stores.

I would liked very much to have met them but was born in 1975 so missed the opportunity. I had some film fun annuals from the 1950's that featured both them and other stars of the time but you can't beat the actual film recordings. It wasn't until today that I discovered this very website and thank you for providing something that all generations can enjoy and read about these iconic pair of gentlemen and the memories that will remain forever.

Chris Wyer (Richmond Upon Thames, London)


May 24th 2016

Love laurel and hardy and have most of their dvds and have some of their cds of songs,very funny guys and never get fed up of watching them.

david james walton (bury lancashire)


May 10th 2016

Does anyone remember Laurel and Hardy Pizza from the 1970's? I'm trying to find out who made it.

David Meisner (USA)


April 19th 2016

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow, Scotland is where Stan Laurel first performed on stage. It is the oldest surviving Music Hall in the world! The good folks in Glasgow are raising money to restore this historic theater. I am artistic director of Seattle's Moisture Festival of Comedy/Variete. We do a month long variety festival every spring in Seattle and we just completed our 13th year.
Two years ago we invited Judith Bowers to our festival to give a lecture on The Britannia Panopticon, Stan Laurel's connection to the theater and the work being done to restore the theater. This summer a group of us from Moisture Festival are going to Glasgow to present 4 benefit shows to help raise funds for the restoration! You can help in the effort by donating: Gofundme link:

Ron W. Bailey (seattle, washington, usa)


April 16th 2016

After all these years, Stan and Ollie are still hilarious. Thanks for the laughs, you two.

Jeff L (USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota)


March 21st 2016

02 April at 11.00 Join local-born author Dr Danny Lawrence for this entertaining and informative insight into Stan Laurel’s North Shields boyhood. The talk will focus on the importance of Stan’s time in North Shields, by demonstrating how his boyhood is echoed in many of Laurel and Hardy’s most successful films.
Danny will be signing copies of his American-published book, which has been praised worldwide, at the special discount price of £15 (which is less than half the current Amazon price). He will also be available in the afternoon to sign copies of his book for those unable to come to the morning session.
For all Laurel and Hardy fans who would like to enter into the spirit of the talk, all those who come dressed as Stan Laurel will get free entry.
The best dressed Stan Laurel will be judged by the owners of Stan’s blue plaque property Greer and Stuart Hogan. Their prize – free coffee and cake in our café and the opportunity to have their photograph taken next to the blue plaque. ‘Well here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into’.

Pearl Saddington (North Shields UK)


March 16th 2016

As a teenager in the late 1940s, I was so thrilled to see Laurel and Hardy live at Wimbledon Theatre, but I can find no record of these performances.

Can anyone help please?

Cyril (Wimbledon, London, UK)


March 7th 2016

Does anyone know the name of the film where Stan kicks a football down the stairs and hits the concierge on the nose twice?

Chris Gatter (Budleigh Salterton)


Yes. The name of the film is BLOCK HEADS

K.N.Krishna Moorthy (India)


February 23rd 2016

It has been 51 years since Stan Laurel's death. Rest in peace.

Joona (Finland, Europe)

Went to the cinema to watch a couple of their films last year and what impressed me the most was the laughter was across the generations. I went with my eldest brother and we're both in our 50s, but there was a girl of about 6 who was laughing like mad, and ages between 6 and 50, and up into their 70s and 80s and we were all laughing at this great comedy duo. Much better that the so called "comedians" of today who do not come close!!!

Mark Fordham (UK)


February 20th 2016

Hi Guys, you all were amazing . i whatched one of your pretty movie's and was great , i know you all are in the heaven now <3 i hope to see you all
love you all with deep heart from Iran

Amin (Iran)


February 10th 2016

I'm in LA, right at the heart of where L&H made the magic. I've been to their graves, as well. The city has changed quite a bit since their day, but for those of us that love their films, the sites will never change. I am happy to hear that the films are being shown in the Philippines and other countries, and that the happiness the boys put into their work is still transferring from the screen to the heart and soul. There is nothing quite like them out there. And likely may never be again. So let's relish their humor, and try to bring it back into the mainstream.

Matt Rowe (USA)


February 6th 2016

what can you say about laurel and hardy the best ever comedy act in history they have survived the test of time they always cheered me up and had me in stitches of laughter two genuine funny guys as a glaswegian i was always proud stan laurel started his career in the metropole theatre and Panopticon thearte in argyle street glasgow knicknamed pots and pans stan laurel stayed in battlefield in the south side of glasgow and attended school nearby stans mother passed away during his stay in glasgow his mother buired in cathcart cemetry in the southside of glasgow when laurel and hardy came to glasgow in 1932 at central station while on the train stan had a tear in his eye and oliver hardy said stan are you ok stan replied babe its just like coming home thanks stan and ollie for the laughs you cheered the world up.

william boyle (glasgow scotland)


January 21st 2016

Hi everyone, could someone tell me which movie it was where Stan drops a pair of glasses in hot soup and both lenses breaks and Oliver says "much better" when he puts them back on.
I have seen just about every movie made and can't remember that one's title.
Thank you,

Michael (Canada, Kingston)


January 19th 2016

They once said of the Beatles. "Without John Lennon, there would be no Rock'n roll", to which John Lennon replied "Without Elvis Presley, there would be no John Lennon".
The fact is without Laurel and Hardy, there would be no comedy (as we know it!)

Rob Hensby (Wakefield)


January 6th 2016

Be careful buying L&H DVD's on E-Bay. I bought one and was dismayed to find that all the films were silent. Still funny, but not as good as their "talkies", that's for sure!!

Mark Fordham (UK)





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